Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Monday night I started my trip to Florida. My mom, Emily, Melissa, Laura and I started our trip by going to Karlstead. Laura had a surgery for her teeth early Tuesday morning. We spent part of the night at a friends house and then about two thirty we left to go to Fargo. That was a long and boring trip. After we got to Fargo, we had to sit at the hospital for about four hours. When Laura came out ue weft and went to McDonalds. The girls had fun playing at the play place, and when we left we headed for Bemidji. After we got to Bemidji, we unpacked the car, and then Grandma, Grandpa, and I left for the cities after supper. We are now at Jeff and Becky's house, and I am just waiting. The plane leaves in a few hours.


Eärwen said...

Cool! I used to live in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!!!!!!!!!

Who? Oldest of six said...

Where in Florida did you live? We were at a place called Vero Beach about and hour and a half from Orlando.