Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trip part five

After we left the Astronaut Hall of Fame, we went straight to the airport. On the way there we got nailed by a heavy rainstorm. We had to go through security again, and this time I was the only one that didn't get my carry-on searched. We ate lunch at the airport and while we were waiting for the plane, Becky bought two HUGE things of ice cream. While we were up in the air we were going through a little bit of turbulence, so we had to keep our seat belts on longer then the first trip. I jipped Becky. I told her she could sit by the window this time, but for the first half of the trip all there was to be seen was clouds. :) Becky C. was waiting for us when we landed. Our suitcases were all together this time so it was easy to get them and go.
Becky made us tacos for supper and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Yummy! Grandma needed a Queen's crown (the T thingy, I can't spell it) so Becky, Becky, and I made her one. After we dropped Becky off we started the long drive to Bemidji. I was half asleep most of the drive so it wasn't to bad for me. Wednesday we went to McDonalds for lunch, then headed the rest of the way home.
That's pretty much it I think.

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