Friday, July 23, 2010

Here is the post!

Let me think, what have I been doing since my last post.
On the 25 of June I took the examiner's test. It didn't take me long to finish. As the examiner was correcting the tests I saw one that was 100%. I was in agony after that, not knowing if it was my test or not. It turned out that it was my test so I was really excited about that.
After we were dismissed my Mom took me to meet some friends and we went to a family camp.
That next Monday Emily went off to camp. We didn't miss her. (Well maybe a little)
We went to the pool nearly every night. (All summer not just while Emily was at camp)
For the 4th of July my Grandpa and Grandma and a friend of my Mom's came up.
On the 5th I went to swim in the morning, and later I went down to Brainerd with my grandparents.
Tuesday another one of my Mom's friends went to Brainerd and I went to the cities for the week with her. That was a story in itself. I got home on Sunday.
For the next two weeks I went to Wow to swim Monday through Thursday.
The 14th was Jason's birthday.
On the 15th Jason had an ortho appointment so I went to Roseau and got my permit that day.
I'm going to skip up to yesterday now.
My behind the wheel training was scheduled for this week and next week. I did better today then yesterday. Although I made a bit to tight of a right turn today. :)
Well that was not detailed but that is some of what I've been doing.
Now I'm going off to do other stuff.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So I suppose I should do a post sometime to let everyone know what I've been up to...but that will have to wait. Maybe I'll get it done sometime.