Sunday, August 22, 2010

Orchestra camp!

I got back yesterday morning from orchestra camp. It was a lot of fun again this year. I'm really surprised that I didn't get sore from playing three to five hours a day. In the morning and early afternoon we (my group) usually would practice and be bored. At four we started the beginning orchestra, at five had a half hour break, and then practice for the advanced orchestra would begin. We finished practice at seven thirty and would then go back to the cabin to eat supper. That was a very late supper as compared to what I'm used to. :) On Wednesday night there was a potluck for the orchestra players. Thursday night was game night at the Big cabin. Some of us played Crainum and it was fun but I didn't know a lot of the things. The ones I did know I amazed everybody with though. Well, this is all coming out in random order unlike the way I did this last year. :) In the first orchestra I got to do a solo. I played it so beautifully on Thursday night. :) I started flat at the concert. :( I was able to fix it right away, but I wish I had played it as well as the night before.
I don't want to start school tomorrow. That week was really fun without having any responsibilities.