Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trip part two

After Jeff took us to the airport, we had to get rid of our suitcases, and go through security. Grandpa got stopped so we had to wait for him. Our airplane was on time so that was nice. The pressure going up actually wasn't as as I thought it would be, but my ears did pop once. Once we got up I had a good time looking out the window. It was neat seeing everything get smaller and smaller. It was dark by the time we got to Orlando, so once we were over the city we could see all the lights. That was cool. It was a nice landing. We only bumped once. When we got down we had to find our suitcases and then we were ready to go. Kent and Marcy were waiting for us so once we were ready we left. The place where we stayed was close to the ocean. We only had to walk three minutes to get to the beach, but of course we didn't go that night.

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