Friday, June 20, 2008

having fun

Well I haven't done lots of posting for awhile so this will just be one long post.

Last weekend (13, 14, 15) we were invited to go camping on someones farm. On Friday we made part of the drive and than stopped for lunch with my Grandma and Grandpa, when we got back on the road, after a short rain shower, we were one passenger less, the dog. We got back in the van and finished the drive and when we got there I found that there were lots on girls my age around. I was invited to play volleyball and when the game was over I found our tents were set up. (I do usually help)

Over the weekend we played lots of games and I especially had fun playing soccer. Saturday evening there was a big storm and everybody had to go down to the basement. Once the storm was over we found the fly on our (girls) tent had come off so EVERYTHING in that tent was soaked. The other tents were better but still got a little wet. We decided to spend the night inside.

Sunday morning, after the power was back on, breakfast was started, but we didn't eat until ten I think. After singing songs and fellowshipping for a while lunch was started and so was another game of soccer. After eating lunch at four and watching an apple bobbing contest we started home.

On the way home we stopped at Ula's house and got some lilake bushes and got the dog. Than we finished the drive home only to find when we pulled into our driveway there was a tree in our way. We parked a ways out and ran in to get away from the mosquitoes. Thus ended that journey.

Fast-forward to Wednesday night. We had four kids over to be babysat and I can say they wiped us out. Oh, by this time Jason and Melissa are in Bemidji. After we got them to there house without any of us killing them we went to track.

At track I wasn't planning to run lots so I just wore my crocks instead of tennis shoes. There was family there I knew though so I decided to run more. On the 200m sprint I flew past the mom of that family and when the race was over I said out loud to myself "Next time I'm wearing tennis shoes" She overheard me and said "What! You're wearing crocks?!?!?!?!" It was so funny the way she said it.

Anyway my fingers are getting tired so TaTaForNow!

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