Monday, May 12, 2008

Violin Recital

Here is the edit I promised. We left out some of Hosanna's notes right before I go into my second solo and we cut the song short. By the time we had finished "fixing" the song so we could play it as a duet, we were joking "Concerto for Two Violins Revised" and "By the time we're finished Renae won't even recognize the song" :P It did turn out really well though.

Well here is the duet I did with a friend. The recital was very fun to do although I got very nervous. I also played a solo but it didn't get recorded. As I sat here listening to it it sounded very strange. I had never heard both parts the same volume...I had always been playing it. See if any of you musical ones can figure out what is wrong, I'll edit my post later and tell. :P Last year I was near the very beginning of the recital and this year we were second to last!!! The video is long so it will take awhile to load. Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy its Abby Heppner I really liked your violin recital! well i have to go Your friend Abby

Who? Oldest of six said...

Hi Abby! Nice to see you. Thanks for saying you liked far you have been the only one. :( Oh, do you mean the "recital" or the "piece"? :D THANKS