Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!!

We have been REALLY busy this past week. On Friday We went to Pennington for Track and field day. I did really well, placing in four out of five events. If anyone cares I got third in standing long jump, second in hurdles, second in softball throw, and first in three-legged race! The other event I tried was shot put and I think I got sixth. It was funny I got first in the three legged race because I didn't know the girl I raced with. The only bad part was the girl who first introduced us tripped so we couldn't even tease her about winning. We had been having fun going on at each other earlier in the day.
On Saturday we went to Jackpine and worked on putting roofs on the shelters. My MOM has a bunch of pictures of the work. (I took them actually)
Sunday we were still at Jackpine.
Monday morning we packed in the cold and drove home.
Tuesday was Melissa's birthday and we drove down to Bemidji for the day. A very long day too I might add.
Not very interesting to read but that's what's been happening around here.
Good night. :)

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Keren said...

THats cool that you placed first in three legged race. ANd of course everything else :)