Monday, April 28, 2008

Silly Pictures

Here are a few of my silly pictures. Top, Melissa using an umbrella. Next, My last Awana award. It has 1 Timothy 4:12 written on it.

Here we have the boys room in process. These are the during and after pictures. I didn't want to scare everyone away by putting up a before picture. (actually I didn't get one but it was scary)

And here is how I arrange the Dr. Suses books in my room. :P till Laura realizes I did that


JoyAnn said...

It was fun at your house!
What kind of award did you get at awana?
How far did you get in your books?
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Who? Oldest of six said...

Um, the award was called the "Meritorious award" and it was for finishing six books in grades three through eight. Thanks for coming over.

Keren said...

wow. thats alot of dr. seus books!