Sunday, March 16, 2008

very tired

Well I got up a little ways in writing so I'll try to get stuff down. I'm tired as I write this so if it doesn't make sense you know why.

I think I'll try to jump right in. Friday night we all went to the church to get things going and played some fun games. We were trying to do things like find the fruits of the spirit or complete Jesus' family tree. That was a hard one.

After that Keren had invited several of us up to the cabin to sleep (yes, we did get some sleep) There were nine girls up there and try to keep warm Keren, Peggy, Shady, and I all squished into a double bed with about seven blankets on top of us. We were warmer than the girls in the other room. :)

Saturday we went over to the high school and had a good time. As I am tired, details are not coming but we had a good time. Keren, Abbi, and I played a trio on our violins. The food was good.

In the evening we (people of the age crazy enough to stay up so late) went to the Locke's house for games and stuff. It was Bob's birthday so everybody was picking on him. :) On the way back to the cabin I rode with Polly and Peggy. None of us are from Bemidji. I almost got the three of us lost (I wasn't driving) but it ended up being the right way. There were only five girls in the that night and w/out Shady the bed was spacious.

Sunday morning was Sunday morning.

Sorry it's so whatever it is if it's bad (NO JOKES ABOUT I'M NORMAL) Like I said before, I'm sleeping. I'll try to get the pictures on tomorrow.

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