Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well here is the story to go with the pictures below. We got up and my dad had hidden some chocolate and bubbles and everybody was looking for them. We went to church and had a delicious breakfast. The church was nicely decorated. After we got back the eggs were hidden and found and the candy isn't quite gone yet. Oh, we got to take the balloons home with us.


JoyAnn said...

A poem for you:
I'm trying to be a poet
and write a poem for you
Not sure how this will turn out
since I'm writing out of the blue.
Although we have met
only thrice in the past
The next time our families gather
I'm sure we'll have a blast!
When my mom, Beth
met your mom, Shelly
We came to your house
and you taught us Jelly!

Who? Oldest of six said...

WOW Thanks Joy. That's better that I could do. Next time isn't till end of
April though

All in a Day said...

We *might* have some tricks up our sleeves, Tracy. :)