Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Falling. The leaves are falling.
Reminding me of the tears on my face.

Wilting. The flowers are wilting.
As sometimes I wilt when I think of hard times to come.

Leaving. The birds are all leaving.
Just I am left to think of what I've lost.

Needed. Gone are the things I thought I needed.
And I find I have all I need.

Never. Jesus will never leave me.
Though things get hard He is always with me.

Forever. He has promised me forever.
I will have Him for all eternity.

Growing. Through Jesus I am growing.
Being molded into who He wants me to be.

Always. I have always.
Always I can care. Always I can share.

Jesus. He fills my empty spaces.
It's Him I love, for Him I live. It's Jesus.


Abbi said...

Neat words!

Tracy said...

Thank you.

Ms Panda's Blog said...

Did you write this? It is superb! Thanks for publishing!