Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

As you can guess from the title I have been very busy this week. My days have consisted of Drivers Ed. in the morning then helping at the library for a bit then coming home and working on Bible Bee. That takes care of my day up to about two o'clock. (That last sentence is probably not grammatically correct, but I'm not going to fix it.) Also we have in the evenings been going to the pool.

Next week is going to be at LEAST as busy. After Drivers Ed, instead of going to the library I am going to go help at a VBS.

I do wonder if nobody has common sense. One of the questions on a practice quiz we had yesterday was; the sign, "Right lane ends" the question, True or False "I must merge to the right" There were actually several questions like that!!!!

Melissa thinks I need to go help her shoot the bow. I think there are going to be to many mosquitoes out there though.

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