Friday, July 31, 2009

This and that

I'm still around. Last week I went to soccer camp and had lots of fun again. I really enjoyed singing at chapel. If anybody wants to come with me next year you are more then welcome. :)

On Monday I cut my hair and donated it to Locks for Love. Now it's the shortest it's been for two years.

I've been working on memorizing verses for the Bible Bee. Just over a month and I'll see how well I did compared to the others doing the Bible Bee.

We will be starting school in just over two weeks. I'm ready for some of it, but not to thrilled about the rest such as chemistry and geometry.

Last night was the last night of track. :( I beat my best time for the 1/2 mile for the year!

I'm going to be doing lots of baking today. One cake is already out of the oven, I need to make another, and will do three bread stuffs.

I suppose that's about it.

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