Monday, July 28, 2008

soccer camp

I have been at soccer camp the last couple of days so I have been having a good time there.

If this is going to be uninteresting...skip it.

At camp the high points were the GOOD food, playing defense, (and driving people crazy) playing forward, (and scoring one goal) and chapel. This year I really got into the chapel. Worship this year was so electrifying and I loved a couple of the new songs I learned.

The low point was probably the blisters I got.

I played defense and surprised several people by being faster than they thought. I also scored one goal when I was a forward. One of the girls in my cabin, on a different team than the one I scored on, when I said I got a goal she was so surprised. "How did you get a goal?!??!!?" She didn't know I wasn't defense in that game. Her expression was very funny.

All right. thats enough.

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Emily said...

Really Fun! I love remembering my camp years!